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Duped by Amazon Prime

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 23, 2009 by lightninpoker

I signed up for Amazon Prime some 6 months ago.  I have several minor negative issues with Prime that I will mention below – but first – today’s big shocker.

Today I ordered several items from Amazon.  Most of the items were included in the Prime free shipping.  One $90 item was not.  I clicked on the shipping details on the item and it said that the item was not included in 2 day free shipping for Prime members however, members would receive free standard shipping.

Upon checkout the $90 item was shown separately and I chose “standard” shipping. Interestingly this page did not show the shipping charge.  After clicking OK to proceed to checkout I noticed that $25 had been added to ship the $90 item.  I immediately called Amazon and they refunded the charges.

This has made me question Amazon – a service that I had heretofore been happy with.  I guess that most people would not catch this error-fraud-gauging.  Surely there is a way to publicize this underhanded tactic and prevent them from scamming others.

The two other issues with the Amazon Prime service are the automatic renewal and that many items are not included.

Many people are livid that Amazon automatically renews the Prime service with a $79 charge to your bank account or credit charge.  This is done without any warning and without an email notice of the charge – as is done with all other invoices.  For me this is not a huge issue – just not to the standard that I would expect from a national retailer.

Many items are not included for free shipping with Prime.  For some items one color will be included and another color not included.  This makes me question the value of the $79 fee.

It looks as though Amazon has chosen to begin these underhanded tactics to increase their profit.  Thus far I have refused to order from Walmart but now I am going to give them a try.

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