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Poker Tournament

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Online PokerI have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code:

Is it time to upgrade Windows and my computer?

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My desktop computer is a 5 year old Dell Dimension Pentium D running on Windows XP.  Finally, I am considering updating my computer.

First off – Dell. There was a time that I just bought Dell computers (8 in all – when I was in business) knowing that the prices were fair and the products good. Then two years ago I decided to upgrade the power supply from 350w to 750 watt to support extra hard drives and a video card. I discovered that the entire computer industry uses a standard size for power supplies – EXCEPT for Dell. So – I had to use some local “engineering” to make it work.

Now I am considering changing my motherboard and I discover that the Dell motherboards are non standard and that nothing else will fit in the Dell case. So – Dell sells you a computer that can NOT be upgraded by using the thousands of leading edge vendors – you can only go back to Dell. OK – I get it Dell. No more Dells for me. (I am not the only one to abandon Dell – their stock has tumbled from $40 in 2005 to $10 now)

So – I will buy a new case with extra fans etc. to transfer over most of the parts – $125 – not a big deal – but a nuisance to rewire and move it all and harmful to the planet to have to toss  a case  unnecessarily.

As part of the upgrade I am considering Windows 7, a new motherboard, a new Quad CPU, and new memory.   So – if I upgrade the system for $750 what will I get? There is the rub.  On the large scale – nothing – on a small scale – several incremental improvements.

Computing has changed very little in the last 5 years. CPU’s have gone from Dual core 3 Ghz being the top to Quad core 3 Ghz now. The dual core handles everything I do fine including multitasking. The only time that it bogs down is when I am editing Photos or Videos ( a rare event for me).  The memory is 266 MHz now rather than 75 MHz 5 years ago – but even though the memory itself is faster there is no real change in overall computer speed (unless you are gaming or working with 3d animation).

Upgrading for $750 changes nothing except that multitasking with photos and video will be a little faster.  For regular internet surfing, Excel, Word, email, etc. – it is the same as 5 years ago.

The main computer changes recently have to do with hardware connections – HDMI, SPDIF, etc. However, the ease of connecting computer, television, and audio all together is still in a state of flux and requires extra tuners and converter boxes that are costly and at present not integrated with the cable box.

So – bottom line.  If it isn’t broke – don’t fix it!   I will wait another year.

Swine Flu In Mexico

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I just got back from a Mexico trip. I am shocked at the lack of details in the reporting of this disease.

The Swine Flu was distributed all over Mexico during “Semana Santa” – Easter week. It is the biggest vacation time of the year in Mexico. Especially the people of Mexico City head out to the resort areas of Cancun, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta.

This flu is obviously very highly contagious – when over 50 % of a group of students contract it. Mexico is reporting the flu all over the country – however – not ONE case reported from tourist destinations. That defies logic !!

No one seems to explain the reason for deaths in Mexico. Over the last 7 years the public health system in Mexico has collapsed. When you arrive at a hospital with an emergency – the doctor gives you a prescription for the needed medicine. You must go to the drugstore and purchase the drugs and supplies and bring them back to the hospital. If you do not – then the person does not get treated.

I am sure that this is part of the problem in Mexico – since the Tamiflu has to be started within 48 hours of onset.

I will be looking for someone reporting the REAL facts of this pandemic and will post a link.

Duped by Amazon Prime

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I signed up for Amazon Prime some 6 months ago.  I have several minor negative issues with Prime that I will mention below – but first – today’s big shocker.

Today I ordered several items from Amazon.  Most of the items were included in the Prime free shipping.  One $90 item was not.  I clicked on the shipping details on the item and it said that the item was not included in 2 day free shipping for Prime members however, members would receive free standard shipping.

Upon checkout the $90 item was shown separately and I chose “standard” shipping. Interestingly this page did not show the shipping charge.  After clicking OK to proceed to checkout I noticed that $25 had been added to ship the $90 item.  I immediately called Amazon and they refunded the charges.

This has made me question Amazon – a service that I had heretofore been happy with.  I guess that most people would not catch this error-fraud-gauging.  Surely there is a way to publicize this underhanded tactic and prevent them from scamming others.

The two other issues with the Amazon Prime service are the automatic renewal and that many items are not included.

Many people are livid that Amazon automatically renews the Prime service with a $79 charge to your bank account or credit charge.  This is done without any warning and without an email notice of the charge – as is done with all other invoices.  For me this is not a huge issue – just not to the standard that I would expect from a national retailer.

Many items are not included for free shipping with Prime.  For some items one color will be included and another color not included.  This makes me question the value of the $79 fee.

It looks as though Amazon has chosen to begin these underhanded tactics to increase their profit.  Thus far I have refused to order from Walmart but now I am going to give them a try.

To view what other unhappy campers are saying  go to

Hay Carrumba !!! Mexico and Poker

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Well – last week there was a total train-wreck in Nuevo Vallarta for the first Poker Stars Mexico tournament.  Play was suspended deep in day 1 – and the next day the tournament was canceled.  Although there has been speculation as to the reasons – I will guess that the problem was the running of cash games on the side.  Hopefully someone will give more details in the future.

I lived in Mexico during my first years of poker and though jonesing for live poker, I never played the local games.  This was partly because of the strong anti-gambling laws of Mexico. OK – also because of the people (mostly grumpy ex-pats), the games (lots of crazy wild cards), and the ambiance (smokers !!!).  It was a happy –  laid-back life that I was enjoying and I did not want to rock the boat.

During the last few months, I have been unable to find many Stud 8 or Better (Hi/Lo) games on Poker Stars.  However, since the WSOP final table there have been more games and I am playing again.  I hope that it continues.

Next week is the Poker Stars Blogger tournament.  Come join me there.

Hello world!

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Welcome to Lightnin’s.  The nickname comes from my halcion University days  many moons ago.  During one of my fraternaty pledge rituals we got caught out in a gully-washer storm.  There were loud growls of thunder and lightning dancing everywhere.   Thus a nickname was born – “Lightnin”.  It also describes my poker and chess playing.

Most of the content will be poker related – however – my other passions of music, sailing, and photography might slip in a little.

I was in Las Vegas last week and stopped by the Stratosphere.  There was a very active $1-$2 no limit with $300 max buyin going all day and night.  Sometimes with two or three tables.  It was about the softest table I have seen in Vegas.  It was a good mixture of tourist and drunks – with a few local sharks skattered around.

This week I will start in the nightly series of blogger Tournaments on FullTilt organized by Al Can’t Hang. It is a series of 5 tournaments each week for 13 weeks.In addition to the regular Tournament prize pool there is about $30.000 added by fulltilt.  It will be paid to the monthly winners and the big final “Tournament of Champions” winners.  Look on FullTilt at the private tourny section.  They all start about 9 to 10 P.M. eastern Time.

 I will report back Monday on the first Tourny.