Swine Flu In Mexico

I just got back from a Mexico trip. I am shocked at the lack of details in the reporting of this disease.

The Swine Flu was distributed all over Mexico during “Semana Santa” – Easter week. It is the biggest vacation time of the year in Mexico. Especially the people of Mexico City head out to the resort areas of Cancun, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta.

This flu is obviously very highly contagious – when over 50 % of a group of students contract it. Mexico is reporting the flu all over the country – however – not ONE case reported from tourist destinations. That defies logic !!

No one seems to explain the reason for deaths in Mexico. Over the last 7 years the public health system in Mexico has collapsed. When you arrive at a hospital with an emergency – the doctor gives you a prescription for the needed medicine. You must go to the drugstore and purchase the drugs and supplies and bring them back to the hospital. If you do not – then the person does not get treated.

I am sure that this is part of the problem in Mexico – since the Tamiflu has to be started within 48 hours of onset.

I will be looking for someone reporting the REAL facts of this pandemic and will post a link.


One Response to “Swine Flu In Mexico”

  1. Tom Noyola Says:

    I’m planning a get away July 4th to Acapulco, Mexico. Any comments or news regarding my trip.

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