Hay Carrumba !!! Mexico and Poker

Well – last week there was a total train-wreck in Nuevo Vallarta for the first Poker Stars Mexico tournament.  Play was suspended deep in day 1 – and the next day the tournament was canceled.  Although there has been speculation as to the reasons – I will guess that the problem was the running of cash games on the side.  Hopefully someone will give more details in the future.

I lived in Mexico during my first years of poker and though jonesing for live poker, I never played the local games.  This was partly because of the strong anti-gambling laws of Mexico. OK – also because of the people (mostly grumpy ex-pats), the games (lots of crazy wild cards), and the ambiance (smokers !!!).  It was a happy –  laid-back life that I was enjoying and I did not want to rock the boat.

During the last few months, I have been unable to find many Stud 8 or Better (Hi/Lo) games on Poker Stars.  However, since the WSOP final table there have been more games and I am playing again.  I hope that it continues.

Next week is the Poker Stars Blogger tournament.  Come join me there.


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