Hello world!

Welcome to Lightnin’s.  The nickname comes from my halcion University days  many moons ago.  During one of my fraternaty pledge rituals we got caught out in a gully-washer storm.  There were loud growls of thunder and lightning dancing everywhere.   Thus a nickname was born – “Lightnin”.  It also describes my poker and chess playing.

Most of the content will be poker related – however – my other passions of music, sailing, and photography might slip in a little.

I was in Las Vegas last week and stopped by the Stratosphere.  There was a very active $1-$2 no limit with $300 max buyin going all day and night.  Sometimes with two or three tables.  It was about the softest table I have seen in Vegas.  It was a good mixture of tourist and drunks – with a few local sharks skattered around.

This week I will start in the nightly series of blogger Tournaments on FullTilt organized by Al Can’t Hang. It is a series of 5 tournaments each week for 13 weeks.In addition to the regular Tournament prize pool there is about $30.000 added by fulltilt.  It will be paid to the monthly winners and the big final “Tournament of Champions” winners.  Look on FullTilt at the private tourny section.  They all start about 9 to 10 P.M. eastern Time.

 I will report back Monday on the first Tourny.


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